Protecting your laptop

It can be crazy to think that many people spend thousands of pounds on laptops, yet they refuse to buy a protective case or cover. Even if you do have the best insurance out there, it’s important to keep your equipment safe, and nowadays there’s...

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Building Your Own Computer

For anybody interested in having a truly top quality PC, one of the best options you have available is to buy the components you’ll need and assemble it yourself. Why would somebody do this? You not only can save a lot of money by doing...

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The Soon To Be Released Steam Controllers

Everyone who is into gaming, and many who aren’t, will have heard about Steam. It is one of the most widely used gaming applications for PC gamers, giving people access to a massive community (including one between you and your friends), a list of exclusive...

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Earphones Vs. Headphones


A very common question asked is; ‘which is better? headphones or earphones?’. When deciding whether to buy a pair of earphones or headphones, there are a few things to think about. for example, if you want/need really good sound quality, it will be best for...

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Powerline turns  your low Wi-Fi connection into a fast network. Wi-Fi can be found in almost every house. As everyone knows, a Wi-Fi signal will lose strength the further away you are from the router or if you move to other levels in your house. Something...

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Oculus Rift

The Oculus Rift is a virtual reality head-mounted display, created by Oculus VR. The product first started from a kickstarter campaign which Oculus VR raised over $2.4 million for the development of this product. The rift has a resoloution of 180×1200 per eye, a 90...

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Add colour to your Facebook!


On 26th June 2015, Facebook released a tool which adds a rainbow filter to your profile picture. To get started with this tool, simply head over to Facebook’s Celebrate Pride Page ( and you’ll see a preview of your profile picture with a rainbow overlay....

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Tech Conventions Worth Going to

There are actually a lot of conventions out there which are for the tech industry, but most of the time these are only there for those in the tech industry. For a lot of tech fans (not industry insiders), going to one of these is...

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The hoverbike

As the word gets closer to what is seen in the famous TV show ‘back to the future’, an incredible company have created a hoverbike! The hoverbike is combined with a motorbke and a helicopter, which has create the world’s first flying motorcycle. The company...

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