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The 3310 mobile phone makes a return

We never thought we’d review this mobile phone but news is now out that the Nokia 3310 is making a comeback. That’s right it’s similar to the design that was launched in the 90s but of course with all of the modern features, including Android...

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The MakerBot – A Work of Art

To many, the Makerbot is an ‘entry-level 3D printer’, but its capabilities have been underrated for some time. The 5th generation Makerbot is 10 times faster than the original, meaning build volumes have been improved over 11%. The new model is app and cloud enabled,...

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Protecting your laptop

It can be crazy to think that many people spend thousands of pounds on laptops, yet they refuse to buy a protective case or cover. Even if you do have the best insurance out there, it’s important to keep your equipment safe, and nowadays there’s...

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