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Earphones Vs. Headphones

A very common question asked is; ‘which is better? headphones or earphones?’. When deciding whether to buy a pair of earphones or headphones, there are a few things to think about. for example, if you want/need really good sound quality, it will be best for you to buy headphones. If you would like something that is light weight and are portable, then earphones will be your best option.

Headphones are a pair of small speakers that are designed to be placed by the users ears, just like ear muffs. Headphones are recommended for individuals who enjoy playing games, listening to music or making music. If you enjoy good sound quality then headphones may be just right for you. Nowadays, headphones are usually built with their own sound card, this allows the user to receive a better experience as they complete their activities.

Earphones are much smaller than headphones, they are very small speakers that can be placed inside your ear for a secure fit. Earphones are recommended for people who enjoy listening music when on the go. A good use for earphones is for listening to music whilst playing sports, you could place one of the ear pieces in your ear then listen to music whilst on a walk, having a jog or playing a game like tennis.