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Headphones for exercise and running

Benefits of listening to music while jogging is well documented. Not only does music fire you up before and during a run, but it also keeps the runner’s focus away from fatigue. However, picking the right headphones is a different matter altogether. Gone are the days when headphones were only used to listen to music. These days, headphones support many other functionalities.

Whilst listening to music is usually the main function of your headphones, some new models feature pulse rate readings. This records your heart rate and sends the information directly to your smartphones, meaning you can keep better track of your running fitness.

The style of headphone is really down to the runner’s preference; some like in-ear headphones whilst other prefer ones that are more secure.

Most headphones can work with Bluetooth, meaning you don’t need to worry about wires while running, however, you will need to keep an eye on the headphones battery life if you are going for a longer run.