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How Effective is Wearable Medical Technology

The idea that somebody can don a watch or device which can then monitor the overall health of that person is something which is attractive to consumers and product designers alike. Over the last ten years or so, we’ve some cursory forrays into the realm of wearable medtech by some big tech companies, but the effectiveness of this technology remains questionable.

Some of the examples of the type of medtech which are currently out there are very capable, but only in a limited capacity. Often times they are less medical devices and more like physical fitness monitors, and woefully inaccurate ones at that, although there are other types of medtech which are also effective, such as devices which monitor blood sugar levels, blood pressure and heart rate. You will find that the devices with the most limited capacity are usually the most accurate, such as step monitors.

Despite the deficiencies which remain in our technological capabilities, progress has been seen to be made. Still, we all eagerly await the day that you can carry a hand-held device around with you which can diagnose health issues and provide medical advice as reliably as a doctor or a physical therapist can (at least in some ways), and that day is probably coming.