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How the Apple Watch has improved my business

At first, I was pretty skeptical of the whole watch phone idea, after all I remember the first mobile watches that we’re released and they didn’t exactly go down a storm! That said, I’m a bit of an Apple geek, and at just £300 I thought it was worth a punt. Without being over dramatic, it’s changed my life! I’m able to stay up to date with my emails, phone calls and text messages when I’m on the move, wihtout looking rude in a meeting. Even when I’m at the traffic lights I can have a quick look without getting arrested or fined! I can also look at how much active I am, and if I find I haven’t done too many steps in a day, I’ll go out for a walk. It’s making me healthier and fitter, and on the whole I feel more on top of everything, so please don’t be as skeptical as I was. Try one out!