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HP Sprout G2 – The perfect 3d-scanning PC for product designers

Technology has really advanced over the past few years and it has been really helpful in making life easy, but that’s not always been the case for product designers, until now.

With the Sprout G2, product designers can now make designs that are much more precise and swift. Being one of the best tools for product design, the G2 3D-Scanning PC makes it very easy to design products thanks to a couple of nifty features. The new hardware with a 21.3” diagonal Projected Touch Display allows for easy viewing during the design process and everything seems a whole lot smoother too. The previous model featured a lower res 1024×768 display, so users were not seeing everything as crisp as they could have been so this is very much a welcome improvement. Like many on the market, you would expect this product design tool to be very huge and noisy. That is not the case, however, because after a few improvements and new designs of the HP Sprout G2 3D-Scanning PC, it is now smaller and sleeker than any other product. In addition to the ease of setting it up, the tool has been improved by the very easy to use software, which allows the integration of the product to any PC running Windows or OS. This is a huge advantage and it’s so great that no matter whether you love Windows or Apple, you’ll have software that runs beautifully.

The PC also has a very good high-resolution projection to help you see the product design just like it’s there with you. You can then print the 3D product design using the fast and reliable software, making your life a lot easier. We love this update from HP and we’re already looking forward to the next model, and the good news is that work has already begun so we should have further updates on this in a few months time.