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Is the Apple Pencil a ‘Revolutionary’ Product?

It almost seems as though the Apple Pencil was released on the down low. Graphic designers probably watched its release as it unfolded, but is this innovative new product a success story?

Well, at present it’s probably too early to say, but what we do know is that it’s completely different from any other digital stylus on the market. One of the reasons it hasn’t had too much attention has been because it’s strictly for use on the iPad Pro tablet computer. It doesn’t come cheap and it certainly takes some getting used to. Weight is extremely important and you can begin to make a few mistakes when drawing freehand if you’re a little heavy handed.

The pencil is all about ‘sensitivity and angle detection’, but when you do get used to it, it’s incredibly smooth to work with. So far, it’s earned excellent reviews from artists and graphic designers alike, and you don’t have to search to hard online to find stunning examples of work. I’m sure there’s plenty more from Apple to come on the Pencil, and we’re already looking forward to the next version.