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Latest Hydro-Powered Vehicle Technology

The latest generation of the Hyundai NEXOs are issuing in a new age of hydrogen-powered, emission-free fuel-cells which are a marvel and exhibit the exemplification of clean driving. These cars actually clean the air as they drive with one hour of driving creating 25.9kg of purified air. This equals enough air for 42 people for one hour. The NEXO’s electric engine is powered through a fuel cell system that combines oxygen and hydrogen to create a flow of electrons that charges the 1.56k Wh high voltage battery, whilst the only emissions are air and water droplets.

The capabilities of this next gen fuel cell significantly exceeds that of its predecessor, the first mass-produced fuel cell that was released in 2013. It has been overhauled to improve efficiency, consuming as little as 1kg of hydrogen per 100km, whilst being constructed in a smaller, lighter and stronger capacity. It typically takes five minutes to fill up for a range of 413 miles and it has an acceleration rate of 0-62 in 9.54 seconds with a maximum speed of 111mph.