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Powerline turns  your low Wi-Fi connection into a fast network. Wi-Fi can be found in almost every house. As everyone knows, a Wi-Fi signal will lose strength the further away you are from the router or if you move to other levels in your house.

Something which is much faster than Wi-Fi is a wired connection using an ethernet cable that connects to your internet router and the device you want to access the internet on. The problem with ethernet cables is that snaking an ethernet cable around your house is going to take up a lot of time and is just not worth it when you have better and easier options.

It can never be more simple to set up powerline, just simply plug a powerline adapter into a power socket near your internet router (this adapter can be described as the server), connect that adapter to your router via ethernet cable. Now, plug another power adapter in another room , for example, next to your TV; now, connect the adapter to the TV via an ethernet cable. Volia! Your TV should now be connected. This doesn’t just work for a TV, it works for many devices such as a laptop.