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Protecting your laptop

It can be crazy to think that many people spend thousands of pounds on laptops, yet they refuse to buy a protective case or cover. Even if you do have the best insurance out there, it’s important to keep your equipment safe, and nowadays there’s no excuses as you can buy a protective case for any laptop model on the market.

A standard MacBook pro will cost the best part of £1,000, and yet plastic cases can cost less than £20. If you’ve saved up enough money for a state of the art laptop, make sure you get a protective case too. It’s so easy to drop a laptop or knock it tumbling of the side of a chair, bed or desk, and a £15 case could prove to be the hero in that situation.

Of course, if you’re looking for something a little more sturdy, you can buy extra strong cases and covers, including those made of steel, but these do come at a much higher price.