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Rode VideoMicro: A Must for Camera Gadget Lovers

The Rode VideoMicro is a highly intelligent device that can be used in conjunction with smartphones and digital cameras. It’s a microphone that simply clips to your camera’s hot shoe and plugs into the microphone port, giving you much better sound quality. It’s no secret that smartphones and compact cameras don’t provide the best sound, and this intelligent device could be just what you’re looking for if you’re making a series of cool videos using footage from your handheld device. This is essentially a directional mic that reduces any peripheral sounds and picks up whatever the camera is pointing at – and it even comes with a furry windshield for outdoor use! A must buy for camera gadget lovers, we feel. A must buy for camera gadget lovers. Another great thing about this microphone is that it’s incredibly compact, so no matter where you’re travelling, you’ll always know you will come away with good sound if you have this baby in your backpack.