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Seeing the Microsoft Hollolens in Action

Every year, the gaming community and industry come together to show off their latest projects at the E3 event in USA.These projects can be games set to release imminently, as well as ones which are only just about to come out. Rarely though, one of the big jaugernauts of the gaming industry, like Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, or a big gaming studio, will announce a new piece of technology which has ripple effects everywhere.

As a gaming fan, there hasn’t really been any new games which have revolutionised the type of games out there (although there was an announcement of FFVII), at least until Microsoft unveilled the Hollolens’s capabilities in using it for the popular game, Minecraft. What it showed was how you can use the hololens to project hollograms on to other surfaces. In their presentation of it, they projected the hollogram onto a table and did a variety of cool stuff.