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The 3310 mobile phone makes a return

We never thought we’d review this mobile phone but news is now out that the Nokia 3310 is making a comeback. That’s right it’s similar to the design that was launched in the 90s but of course with all of the modern features, including Android operating system and a 2-mega-pixel camera. So who is this new 3310 for?

Well though many people will like the PR angle with the release set to bring back memories of the hugely popular 3310 with the green screen and Snake game, it’s not likely to bring record sales. It’s a budget mobile phone that’s just great for those who need something simple and easy to use with a big screen. There aren’t tons of features so it’s never going to compete with top of the range smartphones, but that shouldn’t stop you from buying one as a backup phone. Having this phone, just for the sake of having one, makes sense, and in terms of its design, it’s very close to the original 3310 so there’s a novelty factor there.