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The Different Types Of Audio Visual Equipment Available

Regardless of whether you are hosting a public speaking event, award ceremony or large conference, you need to take a whole host of elements into consideration in order to deliver the best possible experience for your guests. One issue that requires a lot of attention is the audio-visual equipment being used. Audio and visual equipment has a significant influence on the success of venues. To ensure the event goes off “without a hitch”, it is necessary to look at the different types of audio-visual equipment. This article will provide information on the different types of audio-visual equipment available.

1: PA Systems

A PA system involves different items including amplifiers, microphones, mixers, speakers and other related equipment. The type of PA system used depends on the venue, the user and the type of event being held. For instance, a wireless microphone would be preferable for people performing. It allows the person to speak without worrying about microphone cords.

2: Speakers

Speakers are typically included in a PA system and are highly important items for audio purposes. When setting up the different types of audio equipment, you should consider the sounds you may need to amplify during the event. For instance, additional music played during a presentation can impact the speakers being used.

3: Recording Equipment

In many cases, particularly conferences, the organiser may want to record the performance. This can be helpful if you want to broadcast the conference online afterward. Recording a performance also allows you to use it in future event marketing materials. It is recommended that you consider recording equipment beforehand so you can arrange all the necessary elements.

4: Projectors And Projection Screens

Projectors are often used as the visual element of audio-visual equipment. A projector is typically used for public speaking events or conferences. They are connected to a laptop and project the image onto a projection screen. A projection screen works alongside the projector and there are several types of screens available. When choosing one, it is recommended that you consider the most suitable size for the venue.

In addition to there being several types of projector screens, there are many types of projectors available. For instance, if the venue has an inbuilt visual system, it may not be necessary to use a projector. It is important to test the visual quality beforehand to ensure the guests can see the screen clearly.

5: Plasma Screens

Plasma or LED screens are useful for smaller events where a projector is not a requirement. The LED screen is similar to large televisions and is effective in small venues.

Hiring audio visual equipment

Audio visual hire is a suitable alternative for your event. There are a number of reputable businesses across the UK who offer reasonable prices to hire equipment for your event.