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The hoverbike

As the word gets closer to what is seen in the famous TV show ‘back to the future’, an incredible company have created a hoverbike! The hoverbike is combined with a motorbke and a helicopter, which has create the world’s first flying motorcycle.

The company who have made the hoverbike have many goals, one being: to produce an extreamely reliable helicopter. The vehicle is controlled by deflecting thrust from its two propellers using control vanes; these are like rudders on a plane.

The original Hoverbike was built by Chris Malloy in New Zealand, most of the fram for the original Hoverbike was hand build from carbon fibre, kevlar and aluminium with a foam core. A good sign that the development of the Hoverbike is going well can be shown on the Hoverbike’s website: “The hoverbike to date has performed exactly as predicted, a testament to the basic design of the airframe. With the first prototype design and construction phrases complete and testing begun.”