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The Rise of Ultrabooks

There’s been a lot of talk about Ultrabooks of late, and Intel has specified and trademarked the term Ultrabook as a brand for a class of high-end subnotebook computers, featuring reduced bulk without compromising battery life. We know the last 2 years have been all about the tablet, yet Ultrabooks are a bit different, they weigh around 3 pounds, measure less than an inch in thickness, and the hard drives are flash-based, which means they’ll have no moving parts, so you get super quick startups and load times.

They of course just look like a slimline laptop, but they also include touchscreens, whilst some models will disconnect from the keyboard and can be used as a tablet. You’ll hear more and more about Ultrabooks over the next year or two as they’re set to really come down in price, and we expect some models to costs lower than £500 next year.